Building An Audience

Hey guys!

Alright so, I’m new to blogging. I love to write. I aspire to write a book on a very personal topic someday. For now, I plan to blog and share a portion of the random thoughts that fill my mind. Let’s face it, there are things so many of us think. But I’m the girl that just says them right out loud. Makes for great conversation…most days.

Because so many ideas are filling my mind as I start this writing concept, I need your help. I’d like to attract readers by writing FOR you.

So, give me your thoughts. What do YOU like to read about? What random thoughts keep you up at 3am? What life questions do you ponder?

You can comment here or use the contact me link on my site. Give me what you’ve got! Oh and, I’d LOVE it if you followed me because I can certainly promise some great posts in the near future!


2 thoughts on “Building An Audience

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