Inked and Proud

I have several tattoos. Each of them with their own meaning. I also work in the healthcare field and I was always told healthcare was conservative when it came to tattoos. Because I knew I could be rejected from jobs due to having ink on my body, I never got a visible one.

3 years ago, I went for it. I got a tattoo on my wrist. For my next job interview, I covered it. I covered it during work each day and was terrified someone would see it. Six months into working, I’d had enough. I stopped covering it. Occasionally it won’t show because of my scrub coat or a long sleeve, but for the most part I let it show.

I’ve had a handful of people give me bible cards or church handouts based on the fact I’ve “trashed my body”. I’ve had comments and questions asking why I would do such a thing. However, I’ve had an abundance of people ask about the story behind the tattoo or how many I have.

Some of the most interesting people and conversations I have stem from patients asking about my ink. I’d like to think I’ve inspired some to get one. The one judgement I will not tolerate is associating tattoos with parenting. My kids have seen all of my ink and they know it’s a part of me. They’ve traced them with their tiny fingers, asked questions, asked why, and told me their thoughts of each one. Putting ink on my body has absolutely nothing to do with how incredible my mothering skills are. If anything, it shows my freedom of expression.

I love to write, but sometimes words cannot express my feelings. Ink therapy is the absolute best way of expressing milestones in my life. I love getting tattoos and plan to have many more. It’s my body, don’t look if you don’t like them. Besides, I didn’t invite you to look and I certainly didn’t summon your jaded opinion.

Ultimately, tattoos covered or not, I am equally skilled and talented and my potential is unchanged. Yet, I find simple minded people changing their view on my skills based on uncovered ink on my body.

The world we live in is full of simple minded people that seek to judge others and keep their skeletons in the closet. The difference between that population and myself is I have the strength and free minded spirit to tell my story in pictures. I am sorry for those that haven’t discovered this freedom.

My ink is my story. I’ll care for your wound, fix your sickness, and save your life no matter how many tattoos I have. You’re welcome.

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