Readers Voice

At one point or another, you’ve set a goal. Even if you didn’t realize you were working toward it and hopefully achieved one or more in your lifetime.

It could be something as simple as aiming for a particular job, acing an exam, or even finishing a home task. Whatever the case, goals are common but sadly underrated or overlooked.

I’ve learned to look at even the small things as minor achievements so that when I feel scattered or down, I can look back to yesterday, last week, or last month and say, “well, I DID finish my paperwork for the week”, or “I DID remember to put money in the kids lunch accounts”. Even the daily tasks, although trivial and part of every day routine, have made me feel a tiny bit better in my low moments.

So let’s hear it. Tell me your goals; big, small, ongoing, met or failed, future or past, silly or serious. I want to hear them.


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