How to Deal With Thick Ass Hair

Alright, I’m not just talking about thick hair. I’m talking thick hair, fine hair strands, and frizz! My hair is like a lions mane and NOT in a pretty way. I have waves that are beyond disorganized and even a subtle curl that’s literally only “pretty” when it’s wet, and then 5 seconds later it’s ugly.

It took me quite some time to figure out how to manage my hair in a way that makes it look good but doesn’t take time because honestly, I don’t have time.

And before you stop reading, let me tell you, this is not tips involving ways to style with junk and equipment, this is pretty basic.

Don’t Brush It!

I know this sounds risky or taboo but trust me! When I get out of the shower, I ring out the excess water, throw a towel around it, and I never run a brush through it! Brushes break our hair anyway and they increase frizz and unwanted volume. Plus, once it starts to dry, you can run your fingers through it quite easily.

Use Leave-In Different Than Directed

So after I take the towel off, within about 15 minutes I can start to run my fingers through it. It’s not perfect but I do what I can at this point. Then, I take a tiny bit of leave in conditioner and smooth it over my hair. If I can run fingers through it, I’ll do that but sometimes I simply just put it in by making a pony tail motion over my hair.

Don’t Get Short Layers

I grew my layers out and have them very lightly trimmed when I get a trim. Shorter layers allow volume and as you can imagine, I’ve got enough of that! Longer layers, lightly trimmed!

Stop Scheduling Routine Trims

I’ve heard it a million times; get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Sorry, but it’s not necessary with this hair type. I get mine trimmed every 8-12 weeks, it’s usually on a whim, typically don’t schedule it. *Gasp* I know, such a rule breaker. But it’s working! Take it or leave it.

Air Dry When You Can

If I wanted to straighten my hair, it would be a 4 hour routine each morning. Blow drying would cause humidity, which causes frizz, which doesn’t straighten, and all I’m left with is wanting to scream. If you can air dry (meaning if you have time) and then run your fingers through it as it dries, it takes 5-10 minutes to straighten it! Now that being said, it does take a long time to dry. So this may mean wash it the night before following the above tips.

Stop Buying Junk

Stop. Just stop. None of it works like the bottle says and it’s not necessary. It weighs your hair down in all the wrong spots and it costs money. Just do the above tips, just try it!

Doing these simple things makes my morning way less intense. Minimal maintenance. I can be showered and out the door with kids in 45 minutes.

I know not all of us can benefit from these tips but please give it a shot. My guess is more will benefit than not!

Stay smooth, my frizzy sisters!!

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