A New Meaning of Fall

Fall is coming. It’s approaching fast. The smell is in the air and it comes with dread, fear, and sadness for me. You are returning to school which inevitably means less time with me. Fall means more time at your dad’s house and less visits to mine. Fall means summer is over and so are…Read more »

Vocational School Is Not Settling

We’ve all heard “you can’t get a solid job without a degree” at some point in our lives. A large percentage of the population follows suit with society and goes to college for a degree, and a large percentage of that population end up never using the degree. Instead, they are stuck with thousands of…Read more »

CPR: A Skill That Should be Required

Right place, right time has never been more fitting. Schools have changed graduation requirements several times over the years. They have changed how many math credits, English credits, and electives students need in order to graduate. Some schools have implemented dual enrollment more than in the past, allowing students to get a slight feel for…Read more »

How to Deal With Thick Ass Hair

Alright, I’m not just talking about thick hair. I’m talking thick hair, fine hair strands, and frizz! My hair is like a lions mane and NOT in a pretty way. I have waves that are beyond disorganized and even a subtle curl that’s literally only “pretty” when it’s wet, and then 5 seconds later it’s…Read more »

The Right of Way

I don’t know when I learned it, but somewhere in my life I was taught that when an ambulance comes behind you with lights and sirens, you move off to the right or stay where you are if you can’t move. Working in EMS, it floors me how many people do not move!! They just…Read more »