Reader’s Voice-30 by 30

I think we can all agree that 30 is a milestone. It’s actually the first real milestone in life, the one that hits hard. I had a list of goals that I planned to hit by 30, a certain place I saw myself. Unfortunately, just like 99% of the others out there, I missed basically…Read more »

Back in the Game

After a chaotic half year, I’m back. I disappeared from writing because life took off and seemed to hit speeds faster than the speed of light. Nonetheless, I’ve committed to writing again because in the end, it gives me a sense of peace. I recently began my career in EMS, which I’ve been working toward…Read more »

Side Hustle

This summer the second half of my schooling commenced and my work schedule will change. I have been digging for ideas to make extra cash on the side. I’ve picked up small tips in the process but I’m still on the hunt. However, I’ll share with you some ways to make a few bucks that…Read more »

Readers Voice

At one point or another, you’ve set a goal. Even if you didn’t realize you were working toward it and hopefully achieved one or more in your lifetime. It could be something as simple as aiming for a particular job, acing an exam, or even finishing a home task. Whatever the case, goals are common…Read more »

Inked and Proud

I have several tattoos. Each of them with their own meaning. I also work in the healthcare field and I was always told healthcare was conservative when it came to tattoos. Because I knew I could be rejected from jobs due to having ink on my body, I never got a visible one. 3 years…Read more »